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Module Contexts of Textile and Examination

General and procedure: The Contexts examination is concerned with the following qualification goals: Developing a complex textile subject matter, placing this subject matter in interdisciplinary contexts, critically evaluating and classifying sources and research literature on the subject matter, recognising, reflecting on and applying connections between textile science and neighbouring disciplines. The contents include, among others, historical and contemporary dimensions of material, processing and use of textiles, methods of cultural-scientific textile and clothing research, methods of object analysis and interpretation, media in textile production, perspectives of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Offering period: Only in the summer semester is a new main topic offered, for which a total of three seminars must be taken over the summer and winter semesters. The examination then takes place directly afterwards in April of the following year. For this examination, the corresponding seminars must be studied in two consecutive semesters. For students who are unable to complete the courses in the winter semester due to a stay abroad, pregnancy or illness, a catch-up seminar is offered in the following summer semester. The examination then takes place in the winter semester, usually in November. In order to enter into an ongoing dialogue about the design of the objects or the topic of the academic term paper, the department offers a colloquium which students can attend on a voluntary basis. Attending the colloquium is not a prerequisite for the examination, but serves to support the students in finding a topic and in working on their examination topic.

Requirements: The prerequisite for registering for the Kontexte examination is proven participation in three courses of the Kontexte module on the respective applicable upper topic. In addition, the module TXG-E-SMK and at least one of the other compulsory modules must be successfully completed and a total of five excursions must be documented with the corresponding forms. The formal requirements for the documentation can be found on the homepage of the subject area in the leaflet "Formal Requirements for Examination Achievements in the Subject Area Textile Studies" under downloads.

For the Contexte examination, either an object can be created, including an on-site project presentation (exception Corona: video presentation) or an academic term paper of 15 - 20 pages. The paper must be related to the overall topic of the Kontexte module. The forms for the module certificates can be found at downloads.

Further information:  Prof. Dr. Bärbel Schmidt.

Fotos: Sebastian Krüger, Melina Marquardsen, Melina Krücke, Marieke Oevermann.

Caption: Contexte examination from Marleen Samland, Melina Marquardsen, Melina Krücke and Marieke Oevermann covering the theme of textile techniques. The students dealt with different topics as the development of a rain poncho out of found broken umbrellas, the integration of inherited gobelin embroidery and removed jeans into a jacket, the zero-waste-model of a dyeing apron for school and finishing techniques for jeans using the lasercutter at StichLab, the textile makerspace at textile studies in Osnabrück.


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