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Practice phase GHR 300

Since the winter semester 2014/15, a new concept of university teacher training has been introduced in Lower Saxony and thus also at the University of Osnabrück for all students of primary, secondary general and secondary modern school teaching - the so-called "Praxisphase GHR 300“.

This is intended to increase the proportion of practical relevance, the scientific nature and the theory-practice linkage and to realise a more job-related, competence-oriented and research-based education.

Since then, as before, there has been the "Bachelor of Education", whose standard period of study is six semesters, during which 180 credit points are achieved.

The subsequent Master of Education was extended from two to four semesters, during which students of the degree programmes "Lehramt an Grundschulen" and "Lehramt an Haupt- und Realschulen" achieve 120 credit points.

This results in a total of 300 credit points, which is also the reason for the designation GHR 300.

(GHR fot Grund-, Haupt- und Realschule and 300 for 300 credit points.)

The practical phase takes place over three semesters as part of the Master's programme and is characterised by cooperation between schools (teachers), study seminars (subject seminar leaders) and the university (lecturers).

Students take part in a preparatory, accompanying and follow-up seminar in both of the subjects they are studying as well as in a three-semester research seminar, which they can take either in one of their two subjects or in the educational science area „Kerncurriculum Lehrerbildung“.

The practical block within the practical phase, i.e. the practical part, takes place for 18 weeks (usually from February/March until the beginning of the Lower Saxony summer holidays in July) at an assigned school, where each student is assigned a tandem partner from the university and a mentor from the school in his/her two subjects..

This research sketch was written in the course of preparing the research seminar just mentioned, the „Projektband“ in the subject of Textile Studies.

The overall theme of the project tape there was 'Inclusion and Differentiation in Textile Teaching'.

In its preparatory seminar, the students worked on the basics of research in weekly sessions. This should prepare the students to develop a research project at the end of the seminar that is oriented towards school practice in order to create an asset for their later teaching practice as teachers.

In the following practical block, the designed research project is carried out in the field of action school, while the accompanying events of the project volume serve as a supporting function. After the data collection in the form of questionnaires, interviews or observations within the practical block, the data evaluation follows in the course of the follow-up. In the course of the follow-up event, the knowledge gained is made accessible to the fellow students and the lecturers.

Research sketch Jelke Kristin Färber

Podcast Julia Falke

Text and Seminar management: Christine Löbbers

Photo: Lucia Schwalenberg