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Project in Theory and Practice / PMP examination

General information and procedure

The Project in Theory and Practice – PMP examination for short – enables students to demonstrate whether they are able to practically and methodically apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their studies in the context of a topic, and to document the implementation process. 

The qualification objectives focus on linking theoretical, technical and handicraft knowledge and skills as well as independently working on a task in a practical and methodical way within a set period of time, presenting or staging it and reflecting on the finding and design process in writing. 

The content includes addressing textiles and clothing from a technical, methodological and design perspective, as well as exploring the presentation, exhibition and staging options for textiles and clothing, and practicing methods of brainstorming and problem formulation.


Every semester.


To register for the PMP examination, students must be able to demonstrate that they have completed several modules. The detailed requirements are set out in the information sheet “Formal Requirements for Examinations in Textile Studies” on the departmental website at Downloads.

In preparation for the PMP examination, there is a compulsory seminar that students usually attend in the sixth semester. The PMP seminar is designed to help students generate and develop ideas, share information, and plan for the examination. The examination itself is held at the end of the PMP seminar during a set examination period and on a specific presentation date.

The department offers a voluntary PMP colloquium to help support students.

The forms for module certificates are available at Downloads.

For more information, contact: Christine Löbbers.

The project in theory and practice by Textiles student Anja Leshoff is an example of a performance for the PMP examination. Under the heading “So wie man in den Wald ruft, so schallt es heraus” (The way you shout into the forest affects the way it emerges), Anja Leshoff explored the question of whether street art can be transformed onto a textile image carrier. 

Portfolio "Streetart-Mantel", PMP-examination Anja Leshoff.

Photos: Anja Leshoff


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